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Facing criminal charges is frightening. It does not matter if it is the first or the fifth time being accused of criminal activity, if this has happened to you or someone you love, the unknowns can be overwhelming. There are many different crimes that even the most upstanding of citizens can get arrested for when they accidentally or knowingly overstep legal boundaries.

We have provided the information on this website for people who, have been arrested, know someone who has been arrested, or simply want to learn more information about criminal charges and defense in the United States. The information provided here is not legal advice but is hopefully helpful to people who are looking for general information about situations that may pertain to them and people they care about. Specific information information about specific crimes will vary from state to state.

If you need legal advice, it is important to contact a reputable criminal defense lawyer who is licensed to practices in the jurisdiction where an arrest was made and one who is experienced with successfully defending people accused of the crime you need advice about.

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Foley Defense Lawyer is here to help people get the information they need about criminal defense. We are dedicated to helping people understand everything they want to know.

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Criminal Law

Learn the general basics of what makes up the criminal law area of practice.

Plea Bargains and Deals

Learn what types of agreements can be reached between prosecution and defense.

Types of Defenses

Learn about the different defenses available to defendants who have been charged with a crime.

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