Depending on where you live, some crimes are more common and familiar than others. The following is a list of common criminal offenses that people seek legal help and advice for along with brief explanations of what they are. It is not an exhaustive list nor are the explanations specific to any one state. If you need legal advice, it is important to get this from a reputable criminal defense lawyer who is licensed to practice in the state where the charge you need advice about was made.


Driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while impaired/intoxicated (DWI) are criminal charges that can be made to drivers who are suspected of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A driver may be charged with one of these even if they are taking over the counter or prescription drugs in accordance with the drug label instructions.

Domestic Violence

Violence between spouses, people in a relationship, and people and family members who cohabitate the same home, may be classified as domestic violence. It is not uncommon for a reporter of domestic violence to also be accused of domestic violence by the person they have accused.


When an employee in a position of trust and responsibility, or a business owner, illegally transfers property or money for personal use, is usually referred to as embezzlement.


There are many different kinds of fraud that are considered criminal acts. The broad definition of fraud is, the intentional deception of another for personal gain.

Insider Trading

It is illegal for an individual who has access to information about a company’s stock or securities that is not available to the public, to use this information for trading or to provide the information to others who are not supposed to have access to it.

Tax Evasion

It is illegal for an individual or company to provide false information or to deliberately misrepresent it for the purpose of avoiding having to pay taxes. This is typically considered to be a type of fraud.


Non-consensual, sexual intercourse is typically considered rape. This includes someone forcing another person to have intercourse when they have not given consent, as well as when an individual is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and unable to give cognisant consent. This includes date rape which is often used to refer to a rape that occurs between a perpetrator(s) and victim that know each other.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a broad category that encompasses different kinds of unwanted sexual contact including, rape, child molestation and abuse, spousal abuse, rape and sexual battery.

Identity Theft

When someone uses another person’s personal and/or financial information for personal gain, it is often considered to be identity theft.

Hate Crimes

A crime is considered a hate crime when it is committed against an individual or group of people based on the victim/s’ race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs, physical and/or cognitive disabilities. If you or someone you care about has been charged with any of the crimes mentioned here, it is important to understand the accused person’s rights and to defend them, and their reputation. A licensed criminal defense lawyers is qualified to do this and to give an accused person and their family legal advice.