If you want to file a personal injury claim but are not sure that you want to hire a lawyer, you may want to ask yourself a few questions about your case. Personal injury cases may be more complex than you initially thought, as a personal injury lawyer, can explain. Ask yourself these questions to determine your need for a lawyer.

Do you Know Your Claim’s Worth?

While you may know the cost of your medical bills, you probably don’t know how much your case is worth. The cost of your settlement is not determined solely by the cost of your medical bills. You have to consider the loss of wages and future expenses. Your lawyer knows how to analyze the costs to come up with a number that you can use against the insurance companies. He or she will also understand how insurance companies come up with their settlement offers. A lawyer provides you with the ability to negotiate your settlement.

Do You Know the Legal Process?

If you aren’t a lawyer, then odds are you don’t know the legal process. Most people do not have to deal with litigation regularly. Even those that do probably rely heavily on a lawyer. The legal process is complex. You have to know which documents to file, which applicable statutes are involved and how to complete all of the different forms. If you have any gaps in your knowledge regarding the legal process than the defendant or the insurance company can use that against you.

Do You Know Your Rights?

After you suffer an accident or harm at the hands of someone else, you may not be completely clear on all of your rights. Some people don’t realize that you can refuse to speak to an insurance company and that you can decline an offer. If you have any questions about your rights, the lawyer can explain each of them.

If you answered no to any of those questions or if you have any questions regarding the legal process or your claim, then odds are you need a personal injury lawyer. Most people do not have extensive knowledge about the legal process. Likewise, many people do not know what it takes to win a personal injury suit. You know that you’ve been injured due to someone else’s intentional actions or negligence. You still have to prove that to the court. To aid in your case, contact a personal injury lawyer for a consultation.