Car Accident Lawyer Jefferson, GA

There are many misconceptions about car accident claims that make it hard for people to make the right decisions. Before you decide to handle a claim, it is important that you have the right information, otherwise you can make a critical mistake or not be compensated the amount that you are entitled to receive. Here are just some of the many myths associated with car accident claims that you should know about. 

I need to accept the first settlement offer

A common myth that many car accident victims believe is that they must accept whatever settlement offer that is given to them by the insurance company. They think that there may not be another chance to get a settlement, so they just accept that one right away. However, if you choose to hire a lawyer before accepting an offer, they can evaluate any settlement offer that you are given to ensure that it covers your losses. 

I won’t be able to receive compensation if I’m at fault 

Another common myth that many clients believe is that they will not be able to recover damages if they are at fault. If you are partially at fault, you should not assume that you will not be compensated at all. As a Jefferson car accident lawyer like one at Norris Injury Law can tell you,  depending on the laws and your particular case, you may still be able to recover some amount. This is why it is important that you talk to a lawyer so that they can review your situation and explain if you are eligible to receive compensation. 

The insurance company will give me a fair offer

Whenever you are working on an accident claim, you should not assume that the insurance company will work in your best interests. You should not count on the insurance company to always be fair. Don’t expect them to look out for you because they will prioritize their profits first. If you ever get any offer for a settlement from them, do not accept it right away. Have a lawyer evaluate it so that they can approve it. 

You only need a lawyer if you have severe injuries

Some people think that it is only worth filing a car accident claim if you have severe injuries. However, it is not true because even if you have minor injuries you can still benefit from hiring a lawyer. Car accident claims are highly complex, so it is recommended that you have strong legal representation. You do not want to make a mistake on your claim. 

Do not wait to talk to a skilled lawyer if you have been in a car accident. There is a chance that you can get a much higher settlement. They can answer all of your questions so that you have the most accurate information. If you would like to learn more about legal service that you can rely on, talk to a trusted and competent car accident lawyer now.