Whether you are innocent or guilty, you absolutely need to retain the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer, like one from Tuttle Law, to help you move on with your life. Innocent people sometimes do go to jail, so you need to have someone on your team who knows the laws of your state and will be able to ensure that you are treated justly throughout the entire process. 

Your Lawyer Can Speak on Your Behalf

It is important to not speak with anyone regarding your case until you have a lawyer on your side. Your lawyer can talk to the other side on your behalf or speak with you about what you should – and perhaps, more important, should not – share. You could accidentally say something incriminating when you are trying to prove your innocence. In reality, in a criminal case, the prosecution needs to prove that the person charged with the crime did, in fact, do it. If they are unable to do so, the case should be dropped. This means that sometimes, the less information you give, the better. It is important to know the laws of your state and what a guilty person may look like. 

A Lawyer Will Be Worth the Money

You may wonder if it is worth spending money on a criminal defense lawyer. It absolutely is. If you are convicted of a crime you may have extensive fines and could even go to jail. Hiring a lawyer is your best chance of not having to do either of those things. An experienced lawyer will know how to navigate your case and try his or her best to get the lightest sentence possible, or even get it dropped if you were innocent of the crime or have a loophole to get out of it. 

Your Lawyer Will Know How to Proceed

Experienced criminal defense lawyers can help innocent people get their name cleared, and they can also even help get the sentence lessened or completely dropped for someone who did commit a crime. Sometimes, people unknowingly do something that is illegal. This is often the best defense to a crime. A judge may decide that just issuing a warning would suffice as punishment or paying back anything you possibly could that is of monetary value. No matter what, you need to have a criminal defense lawyer on your side to be able to move on with your life.