If you are being accused of committing a crime that you did not, in fact, commit, you should still enlist the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer, like one from Tuttle Law, P.A. It is important because sometimes people who are innocent still get convicted and end up paying for a crime that they did not commit. You should always get the assistance of a lawyer for a criminal charge, whether or not it seems serious or even feasible that you committed the crime. Injustices can happen, so you need to protect your freedom. 

Hire a Lawyer to Help You Prove Your Innocence 

You need to have a lawyer in your corner so that you are not tricked into admitting guilt to something that you did not do. The prosecution can be sneaky sometimes, especially if they truly think you are the guilty party. They may have circumstantial evidence against you that is just simply not correct. You need a lawyer to help prove that you were undoubtedly not at the crime scene when it occurred or if you were, that you were not the offending party in this case. A criminal defense lawyer will know how to do all of this and come up with good arguments in court, as well as a defense to anything that the prosecution may accuse you of. 

Hire a Lawyer to Speak on Your Behalf 

Criminal defense lawyers are trained to think on their feet and know the laws of your state inside and out. This will be an incredibly important component to navigating a criminal case. By hiring a lawyer to work for you, you are also retaining counsel of someone who can speak with the other party on your behalf. Your lawyer will not say anything to jeopardize your case and will not unknowingly say something that could be interpreted the wrong way. If you are not well versed in the laws of your state, however, you may say something thinking that you are helping prove your innocence, while it is actually not a good argument to use. Lawyers will be able to process everything that is happening in a logical manner, while you are likely more emotionally attached because you are fighting for your own freedom. 

A Lawyer Can Help You Keep Your Freedom

It is crucial to retain counsel if you are being accused of committing some sort of crime. A criminal offense often stays on your record forever and can hurt your chances of getting a job, can affect where you are able to live and who you are able to be around, and ruin your child custody if you are separated from your partner. Criminal charges can affect your life in every way, which is why it is crucial to have someone on your side who will fight to get the charges dropped completely — or at the very least, lessened greatly. Contact a lawyer as soon as you realize you may be looked at for a crime. Your freedom is one of the most precious and important things you have, so you need to protect it.