The desire to immigrate to another country often stems from wanting a better life. Many immigrants enter the country with hopes and goals on a vast scale, and these people deserve to experience the world in the way they have envisioned in their wildest dreams. And yet, immigrating to another country often entails many hoops and inquiries and inquisitions. Unfortunately, many people are treated poorly and could use the help of a lawyer to ensure they have the highest possible chances at being accepted. 

When searching for and hiring an immigration attorney, keep these tips in mind:

#1 Ask About Past Experience

Every lawyer has to start somewhere, however, being inexperienced in handling immigration cases can lead to a client’s demise. It will be of the essence to find a lawyer with extensive history in working with and for immigrants. Not all lawyers have the same knowledge, as they commonly focus on one or a few areas. Hire a lawyer that is appropriate for your circumstances. Don’t hesitate to inquire about a lawyer’s past cases and whether they have testimonials they can share with you too. 

#2 Inform the Lawyer if Issue is an Emergency

Do not hold back from notifying a lawyer about whether your immigration situation warrants an emergency. A prospective attorney must know this right away. An example of an urgent situation would be if your immigation application or petition has been denied, or there is an order on a federal level that removes you from the country immediately.

#3 Bring Necessary Documentation to Appointment

During your immigration consultation, you have to bring informational paperwork so that your lawyer can help you to the fullest extent possible. Bring with you copies of documents that were filed with USCIS or ICE. Additionally, if you can, bring copies of passports, marriage certificates, green cards, employment authorization cards, birth certificates, criminal records, and anything else relevant to the matter. 

For assistance with your immigration, contact an immigration lawyer as soon as possible, such as a legal professional at The Law Group of Iowa.