Car Accident Lawyer In White Plains NY

If you’ve been in a car accident, you may be wondering how an accident is going to affect your car insurance rate. It is extremely typical for car accidents to affect your insurance rate for 3 to 5 years on average, but this does vary by state and insurance provider. Even if the crash was minor, insurers are going to perceive you as a greater risk of accidents, and they are going to increase your rates no matter what.

So let’s talk about how much you pay after an accident, and if you have any more questions you can talk to your car accident lawyer such as the ones available to you at Greenspan & Greenspan P.C.

It is believed that the annual cost for full coverage car insurance goes up by 46% if you have an accident on your record but also caused an injury either to yourself or someone else. However there are more factors than we care to name that alter and affect how much your rates are going to go up. Your car insurance company might offer accident forgiveness or a safe driving program which can waive rate increases or rewards you for being without an accident. These kinds of courses and reward programs can keep your insurance down even after an accident.

You should check with your insurance company or your car accident lawyer to see if your insurance offers any kind of program. You should know that your insurance rates are going to increase more if there were property damage involved in your accident, especially if you cause property damage of up to $2000 or higher.

Your car accident lawyers are going to ensure that you understand if you are found to be not at fault for your accident and your rates are not going to go up, or they should not go up but this is not always the case because some companies are going to raise rates regardless. However you can rest easy because most insurance companies if they do choose to raise rates after you have been found not at fault for an accident, only raise them slightly.

Different insurers are going to boast different offerings when it comes to how they handle accidents and people being found guilty of causing an accident. And again many insurers offer accident forgiveness, but you need to talk to your insurer to find out what they offer and whether you qualify.

Your car accident lawyer is going to inform you that car accidents can stay on your insurance for 3 to 5 years, and if you were responsible for the crash then not only will your rates skyrocket but you may find it hard to move insurances. The good news is as time goes on and you are accident free, your rates will go back down.

Some car accidents may not increase car insurance rates, but defining what is an accident and is not is more complicated. Talk to your car accident lawyer today if you have any questions about whether your accident is going to cause your insurance rates to rise, and whether your accident actually consists of what is legally determined to be a car accident.