Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve recently been charged with a crime, you probably have a lot going through your mind. You may worry about going to jail and how the charge may affect your future employment prospects. You may also wonder how you will tell your family about your arrest. Although they may be shocked or disappointed, it may be important to share the news with your family members. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Plan the Conversation

When you have to talk about something as serious as an arrest, you don’t want to do it spontaneously. If you just blurt out news when you’re casually having dinner with your family, you may not get the reaction that you had hoped for. Instead, tell your family ahead of time that you’d like to have a conversation with them about a serious matter. This will allow you to plan out what you want to say.

Share the News in a Private Setting

The last thing you want to do is share the news of your arrest in a crowded and noisy setting, like a restaurant. You might have trouble hearing each other and get distracted. It’s best to have the talk in a private setting, like your home.

Recognize That You May Receive Mixed Reactions

It’s important to understand that sharing the news of your arrest may stir up emotions in your loved ones. Depending on the type of crime you’re accused of, they may have difficulty accepting it at first. They may be angry or disappointed with you. Try to empathize with how they’re feeling instead of  being confrontational. 

Avoid Sharing Specific Details About Your Case

While you can tell your family members the reason for your arrest and the next steps you have to take, your lawyer may advise you against sharing specific details. If they ask you a question about an issue your lawyer told you not to talk about, politely tell them that.

Tell Your Family How You Feel About the Arrest

There’s nothing wrong with sharing how you personally feel about your criminal charge. In fact, it may help relieve some of your stress. If you feel sad, ashamed or scared, don’t be afraid to voice that to your loved ones.

If you’re facing criminal charges, consult a criminal defense lawyer, like one from May Law, LLP.