You will only get married to your partner once, and you want it to be a day to remember for years to come. You are bringing together family, friends and other special people that have touched your life and you want them to enjoy themselves. Good planning can lead to a fabulous event with good food, beautiful photos, fabulous music, and lots of dancing. And the first step is choosing a great venue together. When choosing a venue, you will want to select an event venue can meet almost all your needs so you don’t have to feel stressed on your big day. Working closely with your spouse-to-be to make decisions can help ensure the day is enjoyable for all of your guests. While you or your partner might decide to do most of the decision-making, there are a few things you should work together to agree on. 

Wedding Invitees 

While you might not agree on every single person that is invited to your wedding, if there is anyone that you or your partner are particularly concerned about, try to have an open conversation about why. Talk about whether it is acceptable to set boundaries on their participation. If you can’t come to an agreement, is there a third party that you both respect that can provide you with an unbiased opinion you both consider? 


In general, you will want to agree on the music you are going to have on your wedding day. Make sure you both pick some favorites that you each love and maybe allow each other a couple of songs each that you wouldn’t otherwise pick. The big songs to decide on are the processional and first dance songs. The processional song will set the tone for your wedding day, and the first dance is what will be recorded and you will make memories too. You can also discuss whether you want to rehearse a special dance to go along with the song, or just go with some old-fashioned slow dancing. 

Ceremony Style and Vows

Every couple is unique and this can be reflected in the ceremony style and vows that you make. While you probably already had conversations about your religions, now is the time to hash out if you want to honor any religious ceremonies at your wedding. And while you are considering what kind of ceremony you want to have, you will want to think about your vows. You may want to stay the traditional path or you and your partner may want to develop your own vows that are reflective of the love you have for each other.