Arrested For a Drug Crime? Stay Silent.

Facing a drug charge isn’t easy, and it can leave someone feeling hopeless and as if they have to battle it all alone. After the arrest, it may seem like there isn’t a way to avoid the punishment to come. Don’t forget that you have the right to defend yourself, and you are not assumed guilty until proven so by the prosecution. There are numerous possible strategies that your lawyer can use in your defense.

As your lawyer may discuss with you, the prosecution has to prove exceeding a reasonable doubt that you were knowingly in possession of this drug. By developing a strong defense case, it can help you avoid the harshest punishments or prevent a conviction entirely. There are many defenses that may be used in defense of a drug charge, such as:

  • Stating the drugs do not belong to you, but someone else
  • Showing that the accused person was the victim of entrapment by police
  • Claiming that the drugs were searched and obtained unlawfully
  • Forcing the prosecution to prove that the substance is in fact an illicit drug

One of the first things you must do after the arrest is ask for a lawyer. Not a single member of law enforcement is on your side, despite their appearance in seeming so. An officer may meet with you and ask questions about what happened. Of course, after the stress of the arrest you are probably feeling inclined to defend yourself. But, if you do so without a lawyer present, you could say something self-incriminating unintentionally. Tips for what to do after a drug arrest are listed as follows:

  • Aside from providing necessary information such as your name, stay quiet
  • Do not engage in conversation with law enforcement if they ask questions
  • After being processed at the station, ask for a lawyer immediately
  • If you call a loved one, do not make statements that could be insinuated as a confession of guilt (police may be listening)

Anyone who was recently arrested for a crime must obtain reputable legal representation with a sense of urgency. As a drug crimes lawyer often explains to their clients, a drug possession charge can be scary, but there is still hope… just remain silent!