Many people assume that estate planning is just for the elderly. Most think that if they don’t have a sizeable estate, they don’t need to worry about who gets what after their death. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. As an estate Planning lawyer in Warwick, RI from a firm like McCarthy Law, LLC can explain, you need to take steps to ensure your family and friends are looked after in the event of an unexpected death or emergency – no matter how young or old you might be.

If you don’t take any steps to plan out your future, your family and friends might suffer more than just grief upon your passing. While they’ll be struggling to come to terms with your death, they’ll also have to jump through a number of unnecessary hoops to divide up your estate – and even if you don’t own much, this could cause conflict and drama for everyone you care about and love.

When you die without leaving behind any instructions, your belongings won’t go to the state or charity. They’ll go to who has the best lawyer, and in some cases, that’s really not who you want to come out on top. Without a will or a trust, the state will appoint someone who will handle your estate. This is usually your spouse or your oldest child, but no two cases are different.

Of course, if you have any estranged or vindictive family members, they might come out of the woodwork to claim their cut of your estate. Even if you aren’t leaving much behind, wouldn’t you rather have your assets go to people you care about, rather than people who are motivated by greed? An estate planning lawyer can help you protect your family from the many pitfalls of asset distribution.

What can an Estate Planning Lawyer do for Me?

An estate planning lawyer can make all the difference when you’re trying to ensure the best future possible for your family and friends. When you take a step back to consider everything that you’ve built for yourself – no matter what stage of life you’re currently working through – you’ll realize that what you made for yourself is your legacy, and it should be placed in good hands after your death. Fortunately, the right attorney can make sure everything you’ve built goes to the right people.

Estate planning lawyers will work closely with you to determine what assets should go to what people, and they can also make sure all the necessary paperwork is notarized and filed properly to minimize any chance of the contest when it’s finally time to divide your estate. Wills and living trusts are just the beginning: Your estate planning lawyer can also make sure you’re taken care of if you’re no longer able to care for yourself.

The right estate planning lawyer can walk you through establishing a durable power of attorney, and if you have family members that depend on you (like elderly relatives, young children, or mentally impaired adults), you can plan for their guardianship as well.

No matter your age, it’s never too early to start thinking about your future – and making sure your loved ones are looked after. Get in touch with an estate planning lawyer today.